Monday, June 29, 2009

Reasons Why

So tonight I went to a friend's house to gather with a couple of people who are so cool they can appreciate this show.  So yes, the 15 year old got pregnant (her first time having sex), the mom got pregnant (father tbd), and the Christian girl's father died (the first time she had sex).  I think it would be a wise tv show for some sort of abstinence class/ convent.  However it is delicious.

I am also applying to work at an organization much like this.  It's funny, because literally a year ago I thought/ hoped I would get a job sorting lip glosses or clothes.  Have I evolved, or am I just severely, severely confused? TBD...
I am also feeling v. nostalgic for this place.  Life was simple then-

Brought to you by the most beautiful place on Earth.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things I'm digging

Anything Thomas Jefferson related.  Which is why I dig UVA, Monticello, the Dec of Independence, and this fabulous NYT blog post.

This is supposed to be TJ's daughter. Just look at the great blog.  

I am also starting to think lomography could be freaking awesome.  I've been looking at cool cameras like this: 
It's called the Holga.  Apparently it's trendy in a hipster way, which makes sense since Urban Outfitters sells them. Fuck that, the pictures it takes look awesome.

And last but not least, summer, and summer music.  Who does it better than Bob Marley?  My new life philosophy is just enjoying summer, being in DC and my friends here. You'd think that wouldn't be something so revolutionary, but apparently it is a bit anathema to my personality to not focus on everything that I am worried about in my future and generally trying to fill in all the holes I perceive in my life.  Whatever, I'm working on that.  And on that note I'm going to take a delicious nap so I can go meet up with some people tonight. peace

Friday, June 26, 2009

Reason #5 I need to go back to NYC


My boss is a butthead...

So yesterday I had a very 'meet-cute' moment. (=cinematic moment when boy meets girl). I was waiting on the Red Line to meet a friend for happy hour, and it was taking FOREVER after that whole disaster this week. I hardly feel comfortable complaining about waiting when people died this week, but nevertheless. I was standing there, and I had conveniently stood myself next to a cute guy reading, so that he might start talking to me. Then, an attractive male came in between us and started reading. I was covertly looking at the two cute guys next to me, while trying to hide my book, because it happened to be "Why Men Love Bitches." I usually don't read books with the tagline "From Doormat to Dreamgirl," especially in public, but it was that kind of day.

Anyways, the guy next to me started up a conversation, and he was very good lucking, interesting, well educated, witty .... but then he mentioned that he had been in DC for 15 years. So he was at least in his late 30s. aak, that is a bit old for me. When the train car finally came, we got on together and kept talking until he got off at his stop. It was so nice to me someone fun while sober, but at the same time I just wished he'd been, oh, about a decade younger, and the future love of my life. Wouldn't that be convenient? AND an incredibly adorable story. Life.

I had a good time at happy hour(s) though, which somehow went for about 4 bars and 5 hours, which means that I may just stay home tonight. I worked at home all day, which I thought would be a breeze, but my boss wouldn't leave me and my bff coworker alone and it was a real pain in the ass. Plus now I have that gross lazy feeling as if I just laid in bed watching tv and eating all day. Which was really only a 1/4 of the day, and only while the Degrassi marathon was on. A full day would have been much more satisfying.

This blog thing is funny, because I've thought about writing a few times this week, but each time I've self-censored myself, and thought I a. don't want to be too emo b. don't want to write about boys or friends that might end up reading this c. don't want to sound like a wiener. And that's just ridiculous. I already am a wiener, and sometimes everyone has to be emo, and if a blog isn't the absolute best place to be emo than I don't know where is (except maybe if I had a xanga or myspace, but I think I'm a little old, and I actually don't know if xanga even exists, and I'm not sure if they'd let me in the club as a pink wearing non-cutter). Regardless. So now I am listening to Kings of Leon reading this excellent 'Why Men Love Bitches' book, and I am actually quite content, especially since I don't think I've stayed home on a Friday in months. I can't remember the last time, except when I was sick one weekend in DC. But healthy and home on a Friday? Quien sabe. Although I am feeling a bit feverish... Oh well. The hail has stopped, and the beat must go own. RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and that's pretty much it. I may have a small MJ dance party in honor of all that he has brought to the world. Another post for another day. xoxo

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Epiphany

So I had one of those Hollywood epiphanies this morning. I had been awoken at 6:15 by my heavy-footed (yet fairly petite) upstairs neighbors, and once I had blearily looked at my phone and muttered obscenities into my pillow I had a couple of job-related anxiety attacks in a row. With a stunning sense of righteousness I decided to take a 'jog.' Or, what can more correctly be known as a rambling walk around the neighborhood, with two short bursts of jogging that matched my music.

Anyways, as I wandered around Georgetown, I took a path I had not previously taken (Q instead of R) and ended up in this park. After momentarily getting on a swing and then feeling like the biggest tool in the entire world, I decided to be adventurous and take this not really paved path down into the wilderness. I discovered a waterfall, and I sat there looking at it. As I sat, I had quite the Emersonian moment, while I confronted nature not 1/2 a mile from the best shopping Georgetown has to offer.

So I was sitting there, and it was so pretty, and terribly quiet, and I was all alone besides the candy wrapper sitting next to me, and it was the kind of moment I could never find in New York, because even in the deepest wilds of Central Park there is some bloody intrepid jogger doing lunges. But that's besides the point. So I'm sitting there, with the mini waterfall making very peaceful gooshing sounds, and I realized that I should not freak out about work so fing much. Because it is just a paycheck, and criticism from people I do not respect should not respect about mistakes I did not know I was making should not wound me to the core, and life is worth LIVING. This may have sounded a hell of a lot more intense and meaningful in my head, but it was quite something for me.

The thing is that I have discovered that I spend so much of my life waiting for something else, and thinking that my life will be better if I just have a new job, live in a new place, have that new boyfriend... that I am missing IT. There may have been a Julia Roberts/ Dakota Fanning-style movie saying this, or in fact several, but I actually think I am making sense, for possibly the first time in a while.

I lived in New York for maybe 9 months, and I only truly enjoyed myself a handful or two of times. I was so worried in the beginning about finding a job that I got all stressed and depressed, and then I hated my job so much and I had to deal with crazy roommate that I just wanted to get out of there. And I've always LOVED New York. But I kept letting the bad things in my life overshadow the good, when really I have a helluva lot of good. So although I must go face work, I think I'm going to give a small shout out to: nature, Emerson, Self magazine, and maybe even the British work dragon who gave me a panic attack for causing me to go on a highly unscheduled morning nature walk, because my writer's block has finally been cracked. Hallelujah.