Monday, June 29, 2009

Reasons Why

So tonight I went to a friend's house to gather with a couple of people who are so cool they can appreciate this show.  So yes, the 15 year old got pregnant (her first time having sex), the mom got pregnant (father tbd), and the Christian girl's father died (the first time she had sex).  I think it would be a wise tv show for some sort of abstinence class/ convent.  However it is delicious.

I am also applying to work at an organization much like this.  It's funny, because literally a year ago I thought/ hoped I would get a job sorting lip glosses or clothes.  Have I evolved, or am I just severely, severely confused? TBD...
I am also feeling v. nostalgic for this place.  Life was simple then-

Brought to you by the most beautiful place on Earth.

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