Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things I'm digging

Anything Thomas Jefferson related.  Which is why I dig UVA, Monticello, the Dec of Independence, and this fabulous NYT blog post.

This is supposed to be TJ's daughter. Just look at the great blog.  

I am also starting to think lomography could be freaking awesome.  I've been looking at cool cameras like this: 
It's called the Holga.  Apparently it's trendy in a hipster way, which makes sense since Urban Outfitters sells them. Fuck that, the pictures it takes look awesome.

And last but not least, summer, and summer music.  Who does it better than Bob Marley?  My new life philosophy is just enjoying summer, being in DC and my friends here. You'd think that wouldn't be something so revolutionary, but apparently it is a bit anathema to my personality to not focus on everything that I am worried about in my future and generally trying to fill in all the holes I perceive in my life.  Whatever, I'm working on that.  And on that note I'm going to take a delicious nap so I can go meet up with some people tonight. peace

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