Monday, July 13, 2009

You know the night life is just not for me

...And all you really need are a few good friends/ I've been waiting all this time for/ To be something I can't define."~The Format

It's funny.  I wrote those lyrics before going to work, and after a long, stressful day, I wish some lyrics would come to mind.  In some ways I'm back where I started.  In other ways, I feel a bit stronger than this morning.  While there was no direct yelling at me, I felt the blame and guilt for a big mistake which was partially mine.  And that sucks.  It didn't really make me work harder in all honesty, but it didn't upset me for as long as something like that would have two months ago.  And that's a good thing. The really funny thing is, that what saved me there were "a few good friends" and an invisible hula hoop contest set to 'Pokerface.'  Even though I didn't win. 

Things that made my day:
1) Hula hoop contest
2) No pudge brownies
3) Re-discovered DvF dress
4) Hearing that the cute boy I met at a party had thought I was cute too..
5) Talking to my Dad and having him make fun of my bitchy boss who says how things "focking suck" in a British accent
6)Getting the kickass Adams-Morgan apartment!!

So in re-cap, maybe not so bad? Esp for a Monday..

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